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Heres Leaked some of the Major News that could be expected in an iOS 13

Less than two months at WWDC 2019 and the expectation of the Apple world is growing towards the news that will bring the next versions of operating systems from Cupertino. In particular, the expectations are on iOS 13, after a twelfth version that although not quite so bare of new features as the initial rumors suggested has undoubtedly done more a work of welcome optimization than of enrichment. Resetting the foundations, now it’s time to return with the foot on the accelerator of the features, with an eye above all to the iPad. Guilherme Rambo and Steven Troughton-Smith in recent days have already given some advances on the next Apple software, culminating today in a report on 9to5Mac that illustrates part of the major improvements planned.
What we already knew

But let’s start with a brief summary of what had emerged in recent months through another well-known face of Apple leaks, namely Mark Gurman. The Bloomberg journalist provides a new home screen designed especially for iPads, touch-ups to the CarPlay interface, enhancements for the File application, the possibility on tablet to open multiple instances of the same app within single tabs (similar to what already allows macOS in full screen mode) and finally the arrival of the dark mode for the graphic interface. Some of these things have also been confirmed by the in-depth analysis of Rambo, of which we will begin to speak from the next paragraph.
Experience of use

Let’s start with the dark mode, whose probabilities of arrival at this point appear very high. Quite predictably, it can be activated by a dedicated toggle in the Settings, similar to the similar mode already available in macOS Mojave. But it’s the implications regarding the aforementioned multiple instances that perhaps will excite iPad users the most. We are not talking about tabs, but even windows, although they probably won’t be exactly as we know them on macOS. Specifically, each window may in turn have elements capable of becoming secondary windows detached in the foreground, with depth effects to distinguish them individually when overlapped. With a gesture, these window tabs can be closed and relocated inside the app.
The result should remember the open source PanelKit project, and perhaps it is no coincidence that the author Louis D’hauwe was hired by Apple last fall, although officially to work on XCode. Even the Split View, which combines two on-screen apps, will receive an update to adjust the light or dark appearance of the upper status bar separately based on the predominant tonality of the applications.
It then continues with other rather peculiar aspects of the user experience that should be touched on in iOS 13. The method to cancel or restore the actions performed that goes through the shaking of the device is anything but comfortable on iPad and Apple seems to have it understood, opting for a new gesture. By placing three fingertips on the keyboard, simply drag to the left to cancel and to the right to restore.
There will be a dedicated tutorial to illustrate the new mode and it will probably be extended to developers via dedicated APIs. In conclusion of this part, other gestures are included to facilitate the selection of multiple elements, simply starting from a single and dragging the finger on the following ones, as well as the expected remaking of the volume indicator, considered in the current form too intrusive.
Safari, Mail and other improvements
The 9to5Mac report does not go into much detail regarding system apps, but nevertheless contains some interesting indiscretions. Safari on iPad will be able to automatically recognize when a website needs to be displayed in a desktop version to provide the best enjoyment, bringing tablets and traditional computers closer in this sense. The Mail app, neglected for some versions, is destined to receive at least part of the features that are already known in apps like Gmail and Spark: it will organize the messages based on specific categories and allow you to postpone the reading of non-priority emails by placing them in a area dedicated to deferred consultation.
Promemoria will also be reviewed, but there are no further indiscretions to investigate. The management of additional fonts will be perfected with a new panel in the Settings that will allow the rapid addition, the voice command “Ehi Siri” will have greater capacity to distinguish the voluntary interactions from those of similar noises, options are being studied to expand the collaboration on documents even outside Apple apps, more accurate multilingual support and new print options will arrive.
A sequel to the “reason against rumor” derby

In February, a rather dubious rumor had come out, on which we had reasoned trying to understand if it had a foundation of truth. At that time we expressed an opposite opinion to such a large cut in terms of devices supported by iOS 13, thinking that for products with SoC A8 at least a final round of waltzes was to be expected. Yet today we would no longer be so sure of placing such a bet. What Rambo and Troughton-Smith have illustrated gives a strong advance of a rather substantial release, which could actually put the older iDevices in difficulty and make the hypothesis of a very castrated variant in iOS 9 style on iPhone 4s even impractical.
A conjecture, but that could also be based on some public clues: who does not tell us that the major developers are not already privately aware of the models that will no longer receive major updates? Last week the fresh release Pixelmator Photo left behind not a few regrets, not only the iPads with A7, but also the iPad Air 2 and mini 4 with A8 that on RAM 2 GB paper would not have many problems. The strong use of Core ML, which requires more recent SoCs, certainly has a share of responsibility, but it may not be the only reason. Unfortunately the fact for the iPad mini 4 to have just come out of the trade is not necessarily an index of safety: at the end of May 2013 the fourth-generation iPod touch was decommissioned and the following month it was already ousted from iOS 7.
And yet, it is the iPod touch that could help to invalidate this reasoning. The sixth generation, with SoC A8 and only one GB of RAM, is still for sale, although hidden on the Apple website. It would not make sense to keep a device on the market knowing that it would no longer be supported. However, the same precedent that we have described above and the rumors on a new iPod touch that have intensified in the last few months do not at all make it certain that the current model remains sold and supported coming to the inaugural day of WWDC 2019. We hope however that these remain only hypotheses and that the our fears of a drastic pruning are soon dissipated.


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