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Top Useful Abbreviations – You Should Know 🔥 | Part-1 | Increase Your Knowlege | Specially For The Students So Students Must Read & Watch

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In this article you will learn all about the top used and useful abbreviations which is commonly used in our daily life, so that is an important for everyone specially for the students to increase their knowledge. Due to this they have to know all about such things which is very very important in our daily life. So I hope this article would be the best ever for everyone when they read and understand it and such of these things are also very very important in quiz competitions. So after that you must have to understand all of these abbreviations so that you can achieve easily 1st position in the quiz competitions. So don’t worry we are going to started. Keep in mind there is a lot of abbreviations in the world and this is its part 1st so don’t worry part 2nd and all other parts is also coming soon.

  1.      DP             ==>           Display Picture
  2.     Wi-Fi          ==>           Wireless Fidelity
  3.     ATM           ==>           Automated Teller Machine
  4.     PDF            ==>           Portable Document File
  5.     DVD           ==>          Digital Versatile Disc
  6.     GPRS          ==>          Genral Packet Radio Service
  7.     HDMI          ==>          High Definition Multimedia Interface
  8.     ETC             ==>          Et Cetera
  9.     EAT             ==>          Energy And Taste
  10.     LCD            ==>          Liquid Crystal Display
  11.     GPS            ==>           Global Positioning System
  12.     LED            ==>           Light Emitting Diode
  13.     IMEI           ==>           International Mobile Equipment Identity
  14.     HS               ==>           HotSpot
  15.     OK              ==>           Objection Killed
  16.     OS               ==>           Operating System
  17.     OTG            ==>           On The Go
  18.     PC               ==>           Personal Computer
  19.     PAN            ==>           Permanent Account Number
  20.     TEA            ==>           Taste and Energy Emitted

=====>  So this was the part 1st of top usefull abbreviations so don’t worry about part 2nd and all other parts of this article are also coming soon just wait and watch then enjoy, here is video also provided only for you that u can easily understand and enjoy. Purpose of this videos is to trained u and make u expert in abbreviations work. Just wait for the other parts and enjoy. I hope you like my post and keep me remember in your prayers thanx a lot for ur interest and keep visiting my website for any kind of info and a lot things.


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